Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yeay, We finished the semester!

We just finished our spring semester at CanIL in Langley, BC. It was a really busy, productive semester but we are glad to be done with our papers and finals. We did lots of fun things this semester... lots of trips down to see family in Washington. It's been so nice being closer to them to be able to jaunt down for weekends and family dinners.

Brian and I are moving back to Washington to work for a little while before returning to finish up the program. We're hoping to take some online/transfer courses while working to keep working towards the degree. But we're looking forward to having a couple months off from class. My sister is getting married in June and we have a couple other weddings to go to, family to visit in California & DC... we're looking forward to reconnecting with friends that we have missed while being in Canada. Canada has been pretty good to us, though... one of the highlights... the best drinking water out of the tap I've ever had... and lots of bald eagles to watch.

One weekend earlier this semester we had the chance to go to Hawaii with my family. They had never been to Hawaii before and we all found some super cheap tickets and made a long weekend trip of it. It was great to experience Oahu beach with them, and to have a reprieve from the chilly temperatures in BC. Good times...

Pray for us regarding future transition to being in Washington for a while. We'll be living with my (Jenn's) parents for a while and see where God takes us from there. We are praying about jobs, ministry, finding good connection/fellowship with new friends, and quality time with family. There are so many possibilities and facets of this transition to look at that it could be quite overwhelming... we are just asking God to continue preparing us and changing us... that He will use us now and prepare us for the future. We desire to become stronger in prayer, to abide in inward worship, and to be malleable in the midst of life--growing as much as we can through the challenges ahead.

Love you all...

B & J