Friday, May 2, 2008

Home Sweet Home?

Monday morning we picked up our U-Haul, loaded the truck and cleaned our cozy basement suite in Langley. We ordered pizza from the same pizza place we ordered from our first night in Canada. It was really yummy... I'll miss that pizza place. Then we headed for the border... the only glitch being they wouldn't let us bring our houseplants back over the border without an inspection. So I had to drive back & leave our plants with a friend until we can go back and get the inspection done. Tuesday was spent unloading the truck into the top floor of my parents house in Maple Valley.

This is a random picture of some guy moving boxes... but it looks really familiar...

I am waiting for it to seem like home... ironic since this was my home for so many years. It is so familiar and yet these walls are not yet my refuge, my nest. I think this may be one of the more difficult transitions... boxes boxes everywhere. I am beginning to taste the "joys" of moving. I used to feel like moving was a bit exciting... but right now it holds no thrill. The other night I crash-landed in bed... fearful of what I would turn into (in my tired, transitioning state) if I didn't succumb to the unconscious state of slumber.

We know that this will be a good season... perhaps full of trials, but a good season. I think those trials have begun with transitioning into a new place again. In the midst of it all, a plan has not been emerging and solidifying for us, but everything seems to be increasingly up in the air regarding jobs, plans, how long we'll be here, what is the next step for us, when we'll finish our master's up in Canada... [sigh]. I am becoming weary of answering those questions... only because we don't have any idea right now. We are moving forward as best we can... following God's leading to move back to Washington right now and trusting the rest will fall into place.

Yet amidst the challenges facing us right now there is peace and joy knowing that our Father is sovereign and that we must seek to focus the fullness of our souls in worship of Him. He has been so faithful to us. Even these challenges of transition and the unknown are his provision to grow us and strengthen us. May we make the most of these trials and opportunities to allow Him to prepare us mentally, emotionally, spiritually... for worshipping Him more fully and for serving Him on the mission field some day.

Please pray for us 1) to have a healthy transition, 2) to have good jobs and fellowship here, and 3) for wisdom in where in the world and with what sending organization we will go overseas.

I am sitting in the dusk light now, allowing my eyes and ears to settle upon the swallows--a forgotten luxury. Oh how I love to watch them--it ministers to my soul to see the free and fearless way that they swoop and soar through the air. May the world be a little brighter to your eyes today, dear ones.



candacemorris said...

i am joyful beyond words to share this time with you two. melancholy reveals the beauty in our souls-notice how because of your state, you were more apt to notice the beauty of the birds. it is this dichotomy that i seek to explore more and more.

welcome home. again.

sara said...

Hi Jennifer,

I think of you often. I'm happy that you have me on a list to receive updates about your life. I would rather catch up over coffee from time to time, but sometimes our lives don't even allow for that. I'm so happy to know that married life is treating you well, you deserve the best.

Sara Keenan (and orion and nova and Russell)

Kathleen said...

Hi Guys, It was great seeing you on Mother's day. Sorry we weren't available to get together before you left. Please call when you come down again so, we can make a date. Thanks, Kathleen