Monday, July 21, 2008

Fingers to the Keys

I often wish I came to visit this blog more often... yet there is a fierce resistance within me if the time isn't right. I must bring my fingers to the keys when my heart and mind and fingers are all ready. Now with Yann Tiersen's melodies to keep me company and the sun setting behind the big leaf maples out my window... I am ready.

Ahh.. a swallow has come out to keep me company... how kind. Why does the gentle glow of dusk make any landscape more luscious than it has ever been? Perhaps that's another reason the swallows soar to the setting sun... not just the increased availability of bugs but to become part of such a beautiful moment.

Lately I have been recovering from a month of travel. All of it has been quite lovely, but a bit much for my frail self to endure all at once. We've been all over... WA - CA - HI - TX - OH - NY - NC - GA - AZ - CA - WA ... 11 airports in 3 weeks... we've had a lot of great times, though. We went to a wonderful wedding in Hawaii (close friend of the family) then I was in another wedding of a good friend in Buffalo. After Buffalo we spent a week with our dear friends Jed & Crystal & their kids in Mesa before seeing more family in California and returning to Washington. What richness, what favor. Even in the midst of challenges God allows in life, I am so thankful for the gift of friends and family and for the ways God sovereignly cares for us.

Here is the lovely bride and her family - great friends.
A gorgeous place... we love Maui.
Enjoying papaya with my mother-in-law on our lanai (this is the papaya my dad told me to eat on his behalf -- great with lime).
Then we were off to Buffalo and a couple time zones later, Kacy's wedding--another fun time of meeting new friends and celebrating with Kacy & her new husband Bryan.
We always have a fabulous time with our friends Jed & Crystal - and with their kids D'Arcy, Oran & Beck. Here's Oran, listening to worship songs on my ipod...

And Jed & Brian - kindred creativity, love & humor... another great gift from the Father.

D'Arcy- beautiful D'Arcy - inside and out - she is such a fun, sweet, talented girl. She is 7 1/2 now, and still so fun to hang out with. Thanks for being you D'Arcy!

It was also really good to hang out with Crystal and to get to know Beck better - all that 1 year old personality. :) Crystal is such a great mom. I treasured the moments I got to spend with her on this trip - I think it really made Brian and I wish we were closer to them... algun dia.

Now Brian and I are avid job-hunters, praying and searching for the right spot. We are also going to research more about how we can keep working toward our degree online or by transfer classes until we can go back to Canada and complete the Master's. I think it will be a good autumn, once we settle in to our new routine this month.

I hope all of you are enjoying lots of life memories this summer... and also life lessons, as we are. I'll try to find a good moment to right again soon. May God give you peace, friends.


mme. bookling said...

oh that sounds like the perfect setting for writing indeed, and i love that you refuse to force it unless it's totally organic - this is the only time one should write.

Also, was it the Amelie soundtrack? I cannot BUT write (or paint, or draw, or contemplate, or weep) when I hear it.

Glad to have you home! Can't wait to see you!

catholicbeer said...

Welcome home sibs. :)