Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Plain Grandeur

What was the last risky move you made? I suppose we all know risks are necessary in life--none of us want to end up living a solitarily safe, predictably plain life. We want to be part of something immense and noble, something that makes us study a stranger's face more intently, that makes our blood pulse more quickly, that takes pain out of focus. It seems like a lot of people expect this life decision to waltz into view one day... that one morning they'll wake up and see the fork in the road--the plain ol' boring life or the amazing, looming opportunity they've dreamed of. Is it like dreaming for a future lover? Someone we imagine will bring every perfect quality into our life but whose face is still obscured in the fog? I think a lot of people are frustrated by seeing only the everyday before them--instead of grandeur. I don't think life's largeness usually happens that way though. So today I am trying to remember to constantly thank God for the simple, good things around me--like the way grass is a sword and an ocean at the same time... like the smiles of the beautiful people around me... like the black balm of a needed moment of silence. I want to be as Paul said, "content in any circumstance."
I love you all.

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