Saturday, March 7, 2009

A little U2 for a Saturday...

This morning I met with a friend for a relaxed Saturday morning brunch. With my tummy full of egg casserole, bagel, juice & coffee, we sat on the couch watching the odd hail/sleet/rain/snow flurries out the window and talking about t.v. shows. Thanks Cristina. Brian got up at the crack of dawn for his opening shift at Starbucks. This afternoon we are listening to U2, finally paying attention to accumulating piles & neglected emails--this is for me the most re-filling kind of Saturday. I need these days of organization, quiet, weekend optimism and space for my soul.

My sister Candace has been reading "The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World" and has been enjoying it. Brian knew I wanted to read it and bought it for me as a way to nurture my own self-exploration. I can't wait to delve further into the pages tonight. Brian and I are going to make some mango-raisin couscous, maybe watch an old 40s flick from the library, and have a quiet evening. Doesn't the glory of such an evening in my mind confirm why I'm reading this book?

As far as life-place-journey-direction-ness... [deep sigh]... this can be a bit of an overwhelming question for me at the moment. We are both working, and for this, I praise God. I am extremely thankful that God ended that long lesson of jobless patience with employment. We are working toward restoring a little bit of savings that last year's schooling depleted. I am hoping to take some online courses from the same Canadian school. Brian is interested in other ideas as well, such as teaching, and community development education. I feel a bit paralyzed in all the future's ambiguity at the moment. At the same time, I think we are happy and trying to enjoy life's current season unto the glory of our God. I have become more open to future ministry/vocation not looking like I always imagined. Vamos a ver.

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Becca said...

Love you Jenn.